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Hi, all! Hope your autumn is going well! I am thoroughly enjoying the glowing reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall foliage. It’s the best part of living in this part of the U.S.

Unholy bonds & restorative justiceI’m a guest at Marcia James’ Go Pets blog for November, which features pets in books, especially rescue pets. Marcia writes humorous romances that include rescue dogs as major characters, and she’s invited many authors to talk about the pets they’ve included in their books. I’m honored to be Marcia’s guest this month, and excited to talk about the dog who becomes a pivotal player in Unholy Bonds.

Check out Marcia’s blog to learn more about Zilla, an abused dog who ends up in a prison program aimed at inmate rehabilitation. I based the program on Missouri’s Puppies for Parole, because the stories of both inmates and dogs touched me deeply.

And leave a comment, either on Marcia’s blog or here, if you’ve rescued an animal – or one has rescued you! 

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