Off to Spalding University’s MFA Low Residency!


I’m off to my second intensive low-residency at Spalding University’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing program in about an hour.  In many ways it is very different from my past experiences through conferences and seminars through Romance Writers of America®, but in more ways, it is similar.

Writers are writers no matter the genre – and the exciting part of Spalding’s program is the concurrent tracks of fiction, creative nonfiction, young adult and poetry writing along with screenwriting and play writing. Rubbing shoulders with such a varied group of creative minds is exhilarating!

I’m looking forward to meeting last semester’s independent study mentor Pete Duval (from whom I learned much), as well as seeing friends again. Of course, it will be wonderful to meet new folks as well!

I’m going to step out of my comfort zone for the upcoming semester and write creative nonfiction. Growth comes with a touch of discomfort, right? A lifelong learner, this is yet another foray into the unknown – which is a good thing!

Here’s to another new adventure – and if it’s anything like last low residency, an explosion of creativity! How do you nurture your creativity?  Are you a lifelong learner? What new paths have you traveled as a result? Have you had an adventure lately? Share the fun!

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