Creativity, Writing, and Spring!

Rescue catFebruary last year was packed snow, ice, and 20 below zero for days. I remember, because we rescued a freezing cat. She’s since lost most of her tail and fourteen of her twenty toes – but she’s a sweetheart and, ahem, no longer feral. Which we didn’t know at the time. Took lots of patience, and we’re not to lap cat status yet, but she loves to be petted and adored, and if you’re a cat, what else is there? Here she is, on the Cushion of Queens (otherwise known as our footstool), displaying some of her remaining claws. Yes, they are as wicked as they look, but she knows better than to use them to their potential on inappropriate subjects, such as people and couches.

Early Spring GardenFebruary this year is almost-spring. Still looks dormant out there, but small animals have emerged from their winter sleep and are scurrying about. A few trees have buds. Though the garden is only showcasing evergreens and river rock, some of the branches on shrubs are turning color. This is my writing view, taken from outside my window. It’s peaceful, and in spite of its apparent static nature, is ever changing. Today features a lively breeze, a high overcast, and almost-shirtsleeves temperatures.

What does this have to do with writing and creativity? Lots. I’m inspired by nature right outside my window. I’m grateful for the company of a small cat with missing pieces. I’m (still) excited to be enrolled in Spalding University’s MFA (Master of Fine Arts in Reading and Writing) program. For those of you who are looking for new books from me, it might be a little while; please be patient. I’m learning new skills, and I hope my next offerings will be even more fun for you to read.

Meanwhile, if you like audio books, Christmas Hope, Christmas Grace, and Hijacked are all available through Amazon and Audible. Christmas Grace may show up on your other favorite audio book venues soon, if it’s not already there. If you’ve already purchased any of these through Amazon as ebooks, you may be able to add the audio version for a nominal charge. Check out the possibility if you’re interested. I’m excited to have partnered with the talented Carol Dines in these projects! Click on the titles in the text for links to or on the covers to the right for links to Amazon.

Last, I plan to post my thoughts on some of the many books I’m reading for the MFA program. Interesting stuff. So far I’ve read books by authors from Norway, Sweden, Holland and Iceland; I’ve read novels consisting of linked short stories (a concept that intrigues me), more standard novels, and many short stories. I had forgotten how much I love short stories. You may see some of those in the (hopefully near) future.

So while I’ve been silent on my blog, I’ve been busy. Very busy. Very, very busy…  😉 I hope you enjoy the content I’m going to start posting. I love to read; you do, too. I’d love to have a conversation about books as we get rolling on this.

Until next time, have a wonderful rest of February, wherever you are and whatever weather you are experiencing! And for those of you who celebrate the Christian liturgical year, happy Lent! 


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