Two days! Writers’ Retreat coming up FAST!

Chocolate Hearts and Pink RosesTwo days! The countdown is going by in warp speed all of a sudden! Yikes!

Today: Oil, checked. Tires, checked. New windshield wipers, car wash, car vacuumed. At least the car is ready for the road trip!

Other: Odds and ends tied up after a lovely morning of fellowship with my sisters in Christ from the ACTS community.

I also discovered that two of the attendees of Your Word is My Delight, Catholic Writers’ Retreat are from Montana, where we visit family a couple of times a year. How cool is that? And such a small world! Looking forward to meeting them!

Last but not least: The writing ideas are solidifying even though I haven’t had time to spend on them. 🙂

Tomorrow is packed with family and Mass, so I can leave early on Sunday. One word description? Excited!

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2 Responses to Two days! Writers’ Retreat coming up FAST!

  1. Jackie floyd says:

    How I envy you and the time you’ll be able to dedicate to writing and like-minded participants. Relax and enjoy, come home refreshed and ready to write some more!

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