The countdown continues! Four days…

Angel with four leaf cloversLook closely – some of the angel’s clovers are four-leaf clovers! Nice juxtaposition of faith and hope!

My mind is churning with new ideas. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the year to write all of these! But by putting them to paper (or Word doc!), I at least stand a chance of producing some of them. 🙂

I have heard of fiction writers using Excel spreadsheets for keeping track of elements and/or details of their stories, but I read a quick comment attributed to Jade Lee which made part of the ‘craft’ side of writing fiction click into place for me: She uses a spreadsheet for each chapter/scene that lists its Goal, the Point of View character’s Goal/Motivation/Conflict arc, and how that Goal is Thwarted (disaster, raising of the stakes, failure – or whatever term makes sense for you). I’m going to apply this technique to both my work in progress and the one I’m planning for Nano. The wonderful side effect of doing this is a ready-made synopsis!

I need a two week writing retreat… 🙂

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