Five days until Writing Retreat!

Jack-o-lanternsPreparing for this writing adventure is very different from the hoopla and excitement of this summer’s Romance Writers of America conference. I’m not sure I could handle a steady diet of the intensity of that experience – which makes this retreat such a contrast. A pleasant contrast, to be sure!

Today is filled with the mundane of tying up loose ends, getting logistics taken care of. Writing priorities are percolating in the back of my mind, though. These items are taking shape as a rough draft of a plan:

🙂 If I have time before I leave, I will catch up on revisions based on my critique partners’ input. If  not, that will be number one on my list.

🙂 Fiction-wise, I will make a lot of progress on Opal’s Jubilee. If I don’t finish it while at the Your Word is My Delight Catholic Writers’ Retreat, I will at least be a lot closer to the end by late next week, and have the conclusion in sight.

🙂 Nonfiction-wise, I hope to create a proposal for a book idea that came to me a few days ago. Never having attempted book-length nonfiction, I plan to network with the Catholic Writers Guild authors at the retreat so I can understand the process better.

🙂 Last, I’d like to sketch out an idea for NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month, which kicks off in November.

That’s it for today! It’s a pretty ambitious list. Suddenly all those hours available at the retreat seem inadequate!  But if you don’t dream and scheme, you’ll never accomplish what you hope. We’ll see how it plays out!

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