4 days!

4A four-leaf clover seems appropriate for celebrating the four day mark until Golden Heart® and Rita® winners are announced! That might be the touch of Irish in me, too. 😉

Today is ROAD TRIP!

Packed, ready to roll, and the excitement is building!

I’m rooming with three of my Louisville Romance Writer friends, and look forward to connecting with at least one who moved away a few months ago (Caroline Fyffe). The Lucky 13s (this year’s Golden Heart nominees) are getting together for dinner.

Let the fun begin!

Safe travels, everyone.

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10 Responses to 4 days!

  1. Jackie Floyd says:

    Have a safe and happy journey!

  2. Don Mulcare says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Fasten your seat belt, turn up the AC and smile.

    Hi to all your Louisville Romance Writer friends.

    Hope you can continue to update your blog for your fans.

    Think of all the agents lining up to meet you.

    Recent writing relates to a local wind turbine controversy. I’m sending pro turbine letters to the editor. I’m also working on a picture blog with a view of Quebec City in May. No rush. Three book reviews wait in limbo at CWG with a forth almost done.

    God Bless,


  3. Don Mulcare says:

    Like your Nashville skyline photo.

    Keep them coming!

    Be sure of prayers!

    God bless,


    • Leslie Lynch says:

      🙂 Thanks!

      • Don Mulcare says:

        Printed in the New Bedford Standard Times on 18 July 2013.

        Wind turbines have decreased air pollution and lowered taxes even for those who have complained against them. Nevertheless, the local debate has focused on the negative aspects of the Fairhaven and Falmouth machines, without citing the merits of the turbine at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. That wind turbine reduces the MMA utility costs and serves as an exhibit for those MMA cadets who will eventually assist in the installation and maintenance of the regional off-shore wind farms. An employee of MMA has publicly stated that he works under this turbine will no ill effects. He noted that cadets and local children play and even camp-out on the athletic fields next to this turbine.

        Although smaller than either of the Fairhaven wind turbines, the MMA blades cast a more intense shadow. They spin faster and louder than the whispering turbines of Fairhaven. Unlike the wooded surroundings of the Fairhaven turbines, the MMA athletic fields have no means of absorbing the turbine blade shadows or swoosh, even at a distance of 500-600 feet. Despite its greater noise and flicker, why have the wind-turbine-opponents failed to note its acceptance by the MMA campus and its neighbors?

        The nearest neighbors give the Fairhaven turbines mixed reviews. Why have the wind-turbine-opponents focused on complaints by a handful of residents while ignoring the acceptance by the other neighbors and town workers exposed to the same or greater impact? Fair and balanced research must replace one-sided surveys if truth is to be served.

        Residents of 1% of Fairhaven households (50/5,000) have saturated the atmosphere with their anti-turbine rhetoric. Selectmen and Health Board members must remember they represent 100% of Fairhaven residents and businesses during discussions with Fairhaven Wind. An imprudent outcome to these negotiations could reduce the town’s income, increase its legal costs and invite court judgments that will significantly increase the taxes paid by each home owner and business for the next twenty or more years. The good of all is served if the town lives up to its contract with Fairhaven Wind.

        I ask the town officials to cooperate in Fairhaven Wind’s mitigation efforts, with due concern for modification of the houses of those residents with valid issues. The town of Fairhaven can not back out of the contract granting Fairhaven Wind the maximum opportunity to produce green energy while realizing a fair return on its investment. Both of which benefit Fairhaven and the area.

  4. Leslie Lynch says:

    Very nice letter. Reasoned, reasonable, polite and clear. Nice job!


    • Don Mulcare says:

      Hope it was both a God breakfast and a nutritious one.

      Local letters on the wind turbines have included some insults. If we as writers of fiction or non-fiction represent the ideals of the CWG, we have to be polite. What dies it profit a writer if the writer gains the whole world but loses her or his soul?

      Do you have an agent yet?

      God Bless,


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