7 (Yes, SEVEN!) days. The countdown speeds up…

7It’s closing in fast.

One week until the Golden Heart® and Rita® award ceremony.

Yikes! I have so much to do, and so little time all of a sudden! Today’s agenda is full of little errands necessary for the packing to go smoothly on Monday. My folder of notes and instructions (for the volunteer opportunities I signed up to do) is nearly complete.

But I’m also building in time for new words on my current work-in-progress. Losing myself in the creative process is a wonderful way to banish the butterflies. Either that, or go outside and enjoy the real butterflies!  Both will serve to pull me out of the focus on detail that obstructs the big picture.

And the BIG picture for me (and most of my Lucky 13s sisters) is one of gratitude. What a fun adventure this has been – and how much richer it will become this week, as we get to know each other and celebrate each others’ journeys.

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5 Responses to 7 (Yes, SEVEN!) days. The countdown speeds up…

  1. Don Mulcare says:


    Enjoy the butterflies!

    Not long ago, they were sealed in their cocoons, waiting to take on a new life. Some have flown from continent to continent to meet their destiny, which is to bring life to every place they land.

    Get ready to flap your wings!

    God Bless!


    • Leslie Lynch says:

      Hi, Don! What a wonderful way to look at it. 🙂 You do have a gift for that. Thank you for your kind encouragement!

      (flap, flap…)


      • Don Mulcare says:


        You are already a pilot. Flying is second nature.

        I’m looking forward to the Monarch butterflies who are in your back yard. They have not flap-flapped their way up here as yet.

        Getting ready to do the second batch of pickles.

        You have eery reason to smile!

        God Bless,


  2. Leslie Lynch says:

    Hey, Jacqueline! Thank you! See you Tuesday in Atlanta? 🙂 Safe travels.


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