13 days! Countdown to the Golden Heart award ceremony

wb051320Thirteen days until the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® and Rita® award ceremony in Atlanta!

Today, I have resolved to not think about it. Much. 😉 Tomorrow is soon enough to get back to the business of writing. It’s a beautiful, sunny day, the first we’ve had for a couple of weeks, and I plan to enjoy it by spending some time outside. Of course, with it being Sunday, my primary focus is gratitude to God for his many blessings, prayer for those who suffer, and service.

For now, I’m relieved that I got a decent first draft of an acceptance speech written yesterday (should it be needed!). I’m already revising in my head. By the time it gets done, it might have one clever or witty line – but every word of acknowledgement will be heartfelt!

What’s that? Oh. It took me twenty minutes to produce a less-than-two-minute talk.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update…

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8 Responses to 13 days! Countdown to the Golden Heart award ceremony

  1. Sonali Dev says:

    Hey Leslie,

    This is SO exciting!!! I’m glad I’m trying to finish up a WIP, else I would be driving myself crazy with the wait. I’d love to hear your acceptance speech 🙂 All the very best to us all!

    I have 13 days to write mine. Never a good thing to give me so much time to do anything!



    • Leslie Lynch says:

      Hey, Sonali, glad you could stop by! You make me laugh; I’m sure your speech will be just as bubbly and fun as you are. Like I said, 12 1/2 % chance for each of us…

      Happy writing – and CONGRATS again on your book contract!!!

      See you in Atlanta!

    • I wrote mine last year in the hotel room the day of the awards. Nothing like a little pressure! (I then made my roommates listen to it to make sure it wasn’t too sappy.)

      I wrote this year’s this week. Now I have to remember to print it out and, y’know, actually bring the thing with me. Hmm, maybe I should have waited for Atlanta after all. Oh, and it’s sappy again.

      Leslie, how many words is yours? Mine last year was super short, around 150 words. This year’s is twice as long, but I think it still clocks in under two minutes.

      • Leslie Lynch says:

        I haven’t timed it yet, but it’s right at 300 words. Who knows? I may scrap this version and do something totally different – but at least I have a start!

        And yes. It is sappy. 🙂

  2. Love your Lucky 13 logo. Very representational of the experience.

  3. Don Mulcare says:

    Yes to the Lucky 13, the Delightful Dozen, the Oceans Eleven, and the partridge in a pear tree.

    Wishing you well!

    Your old weather has just moved into our neighborhood. Thanks. We could use a little rain and cool right now.

    God Bless,


    • Leslie Lynch says:

      You made me smile. Again. 😉 When I was looking for ‘countdown’ pics, one WAS of a partridge in a pear tree.

      We really, really enjoyed the cool, but the weeds in the garden are getting away from us, since we sink 6 inches into the mud when we venture out there!!!


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