Happy 2013!

Happy New YearAnother year is drawing to a close. I know it’s a man-made distinction, but it still lends itself to a bit of contemplation. Where have I been this year? Where do I hope to go in the coming hours, days, months?

One thing becomes clearer as time passes. Each choice we make takes us down a specific path, and once we’ve made enough of them, it’s more difficult to change paths. Not impossible, thank God! But not as easy as it may have once been.

I’m not going to make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Offhand, I can’t think of any I’ve actually kept for very long. But if I remember, daily, that I each choice I make determines my future path, it may nudge me to make more mindful choices.

How about you? Happy New Year, however you plan to embrace it!

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4 Responses to Happy 2013!

  1. Don Mulcare says:

    Happy New Year Leslie!

    Thanks for sharing. You have set the neuronal action potentials zinging throughout my cerebral cortex.

    One of my Facebook contacts has resolved to make plenty of mistakes this year. That comes easy to me. The contact reminds us that unless we try and fail. We get no where. This of course is the essence of the “scientific method;” the means by which discoveries and advances are made; a way of ruling out fruitless options, by trying them and failing. You might say that this resolution urges us to move beyond our comfort zone and hold our heads up high when when we fail.

    The congressional and economic debaters have considered the relative benefits of doing something to solve our problems, even if that something is not a perfect solution, vs. avoiding mistakes by doing nothing at all. Let’s see how that all works out.

    A resolution that I’ll try this year is to act as if the things in which I truly believe are actually true. For instance, if God loves us and has redeemed us and waits expectantly for our arrival in the heavenly kingdom, I should feel happy about that. Not just happy, I should banish every negative feeling and let nothing get me down. This should be the happiest moment, day, week, month, year and lifetime. This is one that’s worth trying. What do you think?

    Happy 2013!

    • Leslie Lynch says:

      Good point, Don! The problem with resolutions is that we are human and we fail to achieve perfection, so I really like your friend’s resolution to make plenty of mistakes. At least s/he isn’t sitting stagnant! I used to say “Do something, even if it’s wrong!” While I’m not sure it’s the absolute best approach to everything, it kept me from being paralyzed with indecision!

      Which bring us to your resolution to act as if the things you truly believe are actually true! How profound is that? What a wonderful way to go through each hour, each day, each month. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your positive outlook for 2013!

      • Don Mulcare says:

        Hi Leslie,

        Happy New Year!

        On Sunday, our new neighbors came over to help me finish shoveling the rest of the snow out the driveway. They then invited Nancy and me to their New Year’s Eve celebration. It was a multigenerational family affair. How wonderful! We ended up spending most of our time with the parental generation. It was as if we had known these folks for all our lives. That was a great start to 2013. We tried something different and were glad for doing it. You could see where the younger generation got its thoughtfulness.

        Along the way we had an extended book discussion and solved most of the world’s problems. We look forward to increased neighborliness.

        Wishing you a year of excitement, adventures, growth and happiness!

        God Bless,


  2. Leslie Lynch says:

    How wonderful, Don! Sorta renews your faith in the good in people, doesn’t it?! We did something we haven’t done for years, too. We went to a New Year’s Eve party (we are usually in bed by ten) and met some new (also wonderful) people and laughed until our faces hurt while playing a guessing game. We, however, did not solve the world’s problems; left that for another day. But it was fun and a blessing to spend time with established friends and add some new ones.
    Wishing you and Nancy a wonderful year of joy and growth!

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