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I’ve been having a great conversation with Don Mulcare on Catholic Writers Guild blog about genres. Does anyone else have problems with categorizing your own work? Or do you have that nailed before you start?

I’ve called my work ‘Women’s fiction with a twist of suspense’ because my stories are about the characters’ internal journeys, not external influences that drive their stories. Of course, events impact them, and they respond, but the primary emphasis is the interior landscape.

This isn’t a problem only for me; a friend thought she was writing a paranormal young adult story and had pitched it that way, unfortunately without success. Once she realized the story was a coming of age love story, and that the paranormal element was secondary, she got a request for the full right away!

So – what’s your experience? Share!

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  1. dmulcare says:

    Hi Leslie,

    Are you ready for Christmas? If the lead up to Christmas has left you with too much time on your hands, I’d appreciate your taking a peek at my blog. I’m still following your advice and have a tentative category or two. Since you are my role model, I’ve inserted a sample chapter on the latest blog entry. I’d treasure any feedback that you would share.

    By all means take your time. You’re busy, so ease into it when you get a chance.

    Meanwhile, wishing you a most Joyful Christmas season, including all 8 days between 25 December and 6 January.

    God Bless,


    • Leslie Lynch says:

      Hi, Don! Nice to find you here! Am I ready for Christmas? No – I never am. I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that it will come and it will go whether I’m ready or not! But while the trappings may not be ready, my heart always is.

      I stopped over and left a comment on your blog a week or so ago, but I don’t know where it went; when I stopped by again, it wasn’t there. I thought maybe you had it set to moderate all comments before publishing and didn’t think too much of it. But now I wonder if it got lost in cyberspace instead…

      I will stop by, maybe tonight. Thank you for your warm Christmas wishes; here’s wishing the same to you!


      • dmulcare says:

        Thank you, Leslie. I’ll look forward to your comments. Remember, you have lots to do, so take your time to make the comment.

        God Bless,


      • dmulcare says:


        Two of your comments were on my blog. An earlier short one and then the one about Fluff and the “mint” or nip.

        Again, you are my guide!

        Thank you and God bless,


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