#UpbeatAuthors and The Promise of a Sunrise

Sunrise over New Orleans

Sunrise – and its promise…

Today’s #UpbeatAuthors topic is “a beautiful, uplifting image.” I had trouble settling on one, because the beauty of an image often comes from the meaning one attaches to it. A baby? Flowers? Children playing? Most any scene in nature? But one image I kept coming back to was that of a sunrise. What meaning does that everyday (pun intended), ho-hum event bring as it brightens the eastern horizon?

How often do we think about sunrise?Some of us get annoyed when the sun shines in our eyes and slows the morning commute. In Denver, they used to have a name for it: Sunshine slowdown. For others, the sun takes a distant second to our planning for the day, or if you happen to be a night worker, the sun may be a signal of what you’re missing (especially in winter, when you don’t get to see it often).

Taken for granted? Or a sign of hope?

Sunrise, when you stop to consider it (rather than taking it for granted), is a promise of a new start, a new day, sometimes a second chance. It’s more than symbolic – it’s literal, and loaded with all sorts of energy and potential.

What will today bring? For that matter, are you carrying burdens? (Most of us are. You are not alone.) Can this sunrise, three days after the fall equinox and a month following a remarkable eclipse that raced across the continental U.S., shower its unique magic on us today? Only if we notice. Pay attention this morning, and let the sight of the sun rising over your bit of earth lift your spirits and your heart. Let it bring encouragement and healing and hope.

A beautiful postcard for your day

I took this picture from the southern edge of Lake Pontchartrain, looking toward New Orleans in January a few years ago. Photographs never do justice to the sun and sky, but I think this one’s beautiful and uplifting.

Consider this a postcard, a well-wish for your day. Have a wonderful day – and enjoy the sunrise! 

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